Non Iron Pioneers

The first non-iron cotton shirt from the
shirt specialists

An "Excellent" Invention

We almost take it for granted nowadays that business shirts from ETERNA are non-iron.

Right up to the 1980s, however, there was absolutely no way of making non-iron shirts out of cotton.

That remained the case until 1981, when ETERNA teamed up with their Swiss partners to introduce the world to a groundbreaking innovation: Article Number 1100, better known as the "Excellent" shirt.

1981: From prototype to sales phenomenon

Before 1981, the only way to make non-iron shirts was using sweaty polyester. Of course, synthetics enjoyed great popularity back then, and the majority of clothes were made using these fabrics in the early 1980s. Despite this, ETERNA set to work with their Swiss partners to create a shirt made of non-iron cotton – and succeeded in becoming the first ready-to-wear clothing company to bring the product to market. The value of the concept was proved by the non-iron Excellent shirt's roaring success. In fact, it became a hit best-seller, and many millions of examples have been sold to date.

The secret of non-iron cotton

There are many myths regarding how it is even possible to make non-iron cotton in the first place. But the truth is not that complicated: You simply need to use the best cotton money can buy. In fact, if you use cotton fibres that are already durable, soft and smooth before you get going, you only need to add a gentle non-iron finish to achieve the desired effect – a shirt that does not need ironing and smooths out all those little irregularities on its own with just the warmth of your body for help.

Extra long staple cotton vs. standard cotton

Our best non-iron cotton shirts

The success story began with the Nr. 1100 – and its history is still being written by a wide range of other ETERNA shirts to this day.

The original shirt

The classic that never goes out of style.

Our non-iron basic.



The opaque shirt. 

Ideal for men with secrets.



The premium shirt made from non-iron two-ply twill. 



With super smooth seams and optimised self-smoothing technology.


Making sure your non-iron shirts stay non-iron.

Proper care is the secret to making sure a non-iron shirt truly never needs ironing.

Shirts and blouses should be washed separately from other clothing, and only around five to eight shirts and blouses should be washed together at any one time.

Shirts and blouses should be turned inside out and their collars and cuffs folded inwards before washing.

An easy-iron washing programme is the best choice. Once they have been washed, shirts and blouses should not be left alone for too long. In fact, the faster the items are hung up, the smoother the results will be. Shirts and blouses should be hung up on hangers while still damp. Then their seams and button plackets should be smoothed out with care.

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