Seven Whites – A tribute

Beyond any trend:
white classics. 

Always by your side.

There is a lot going on. Appointments, dates, deadlines, and family. Balancing everything can be quite a challenge. And making sure look good at the same time - a masterstroke. Good that there is a multi-talent, one that sets no limits. An essential that adapts to any occasion – from subtle to dramatic. White blouses create clean, uncluttered styles, accentuate looks, and make statements. They manage the balancing act between timeless fashion and trends. It’s no wonder that the white blouse is the stylish piece for the truly important moments in life. Do you remember the moments you experienced whilst wearing a white blouse? These are countless because it is always by your side. We turn the white blouse into a canvas full of memories. Memories of unforgettable moments. 

Elegant. And sovereign.

Your dream job is within reach, and you are ready for new challenges. In the job interview, you shine with self-confidence and style. The white blouse emphasises your personality, and helps you exude confidence. A moment that can change.

Expressive presentation

You go into the meeting well prepared and with clear goals. The agenda requires expertise, convincing arguments, and self-confidence. The plain white blouse is not distracting. But with the right amount of understatement, it can still be expressive – just like you. A demanding moment. 

Dressed to the nines. 

The mood at the party with your best friends is relaxed and informal. The beats of the music motivate you to dance along. You are on the dance floor – and maybe even the centre of attention. The white blouse is tastefully discreet – yet striking. This timeless classic with small refinements that makes it something truly special. Moments to enjoy. 

Quite classic. 

Demanding. Classic. Modern. Inspiring. All these adjectives apply to the white blouse. Also for your concert evening full of cultural experiences. A perfect match, so to speak. What better to wear to the concert hall than a noble blouse in soft white? Moments of inspiration. 

Stylish family happiness. 

Family life brings with it a number of festive occasions, especially when it comes to your children. From a christening or a dance recital to a graduation party or your child’s wedding, every single occasion deserves a special outfit that does it justice. This is where the white blouse really shines. The white blouse makes a grand entrance and pulls out all the stops – for moments of pride.  

The perfect date. 

Whether a romantic dinner, a visit to the cinema, or simply a walk for two - the first date is simply exciting. With butterflies in your stomach, you anticipate spending time together and getting to know each other. Which look doesn’t give too much away? Which look will please? Which look has class? The white blouse is perfect for all those moments you do not want to forget. The first date is certainly one of them. 

When time stands still. 

Saying farewell. When grief makes time stand still, when you want to be strong because you have to be strong, and when everything around you loses importance, fashion becomes irrelevant. But your reliable and appropriate blouse will nevertheless remain at your side. Difficult moments.

Always timeless, always modern. The white shirt and the white blouse are the most unfailing and versatile garments. ETERNA helped shape the history of the iconic white piece like probably no other company. For 160 years, ETERNA has been producing shirts and blouses that never go out of fashion – with craftsmanship and a sense of style. ETERNA celebrates a tribute to a timeless garment with a journey through moments where the white classic cannot be missed. The white shirt – a canvas for milestones in life.