Vorteile, wie für Sie gemacht


Viele Vorteile, die Ihnen das Einkaufen erleichtern. Überraschungen, Aktionen und mit dem FANCARD-Programm werden Ihre Einkäufe mit einem 50-Euro-Einkaufsgutschein belohnt. 100% profitieren. Absolut kostenlos.

Surprises, promotions and many advantages: With the FANCARD program, your purchases are rewarded with a 50 euro shopping voucher. Absolutely free of charge.


Everything in your hands

  • All orders at a glance

  • Exclusive vouchers and promotions for members

  • Annual birthday present



Collect 10 points,Get 500 DKK

Reward yourself with masterful shirts, blouses or accessories and we will reward you with every purchase* - whether in the ETERNA online store, in the ETERNA brand stores or ETERNA outlets - in the form of bonus points credited to your FANCARD in your customer account.

Once you have reached 10 bonus points, you will automatically receive a 500-DKK shopping voucher (by letter or e-mail).

You can redeem it at any ETERNA brand store, in the ETERNA online store or in the ETERNA outlet stores.

How to collect FANCARD bonus points

Your purchase matters

You receive one FANCARD bonus point for every 650 DKK of purchase value at ETERNA (after returns and deduction of vouchers).

For example, if your purchase value is 1300 DKK, you will already receive two bonus points.

Free bonus points

When we reach the 6th bonus point, we add another one.

Every year on your birthday.

To subscribe to the ETERNA newsletter.

Action bonus points

Additional bonus points await you for exclusive promotions and special occasions. We will always inform you about these in your customer account under “Vouchers and promotions”.

FAQs and usage information

You can view your current bonus point balance using the stickers on your ETERNA FANCARD from an ETERNA brand store or online in your customer account. The bonus points are only displayed online on the following day after your purchase. You can only collect bonus points if you have registered in your ETERNA customer account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to post bonus points.
The 50-euro FANCARD voucher will be sent to you by e-mail or letter approximately 4 weeks after you have reached the ten bonus points. You do not need to do anything else. No partial redemption of less than ten bonus points is possible.
You can redeem the voucher in all participating ETERNA Brand Stores, ETERNA Outlets and in the ETERNA online store as you wish. In the ETERNA Brand Stores, the voucher can be redeemed using the printed QR code or in the online store by entering the voucher code in text form at checkout.
Partial redemption of the voucher is not possible, i.e. the voucher must be used in a single purchase, therefore a minimum purchase value of 50 euros is specified. Any remaining credit will be forfeited. Cash payment is not possible. Not valid when purchasing voucher cards. Valid for three years from the date of issue.
The bonus points for your purchase will not be displayed until the following day.  Returns may not yet be taken into account.
If the purchase value falls below the 650 DKK bonus limit, the points for this purchase value will be deducted again.
No. However, partial redemption of the voucher is not possible, i.e. the voucher must be used within the scope of a purchase. Any remaining credit will be forfeited. Cash payment of the remaining amount is not possible. The voucher is not valid for the purchase of voucher cards.
You automatically participate in the bonus program when you register in your customer account.
The bonus points collected have no expiry date. However, if you log out of your customer account, the bonus points will be deleted and lose their validity.


Your Shirt ID

Your shirt. Your blouse.

Always find the perfect shirt or blouse. Shopping has never been so easy.
Exclusively at ETERNA - the digital personal shopping advisor.

It's that simple:

Set options and receive immediate product recommendations

1. start the digital shopping guide:


2. specify the desired options step by step.

3. view live recommendations immediately.

Save result

The result can be saved so that the selected options are not lost.

To do this, log in or register in the customer account in the last selection step. 

Call up product recommendations with one click

1. log in to your customer account.

2. click on the "Call up recommendations" button under "My Shirt ID".

3. view all matching product recommendations.

Of course, the Shirt ID settings can be changed or deleted at any time.