Seven Whites – A tribute

Beyond any trend:
white classics. 

Timeless. Modern.

Those who call the white shirt a must-have know what they’re talking about.
Yet they also do injustice to this piece of clothing. It is more than a standard, more than a basic. 

Stylish yet changeable. Uniform yet stylish. Timeless yet always modern:
the white shirt is a textile icon that accompanies every man through his life.
In moments full of emotion, in moments that demand the highest concentration, and in moments that change. 

Dream job

Important moments require self-confidence and professionalism. The white shirt provides a sense of security. Reliable in character and stylish in appearance. The wearer presents himself from his best side. The first impression counts.

Business with strategy. And style. 

From the first to the last minute confidently through the decisive meeting. Remain calm in heated discussions, and convince others with sensible decisions. The white classics are also non-iron and self-smoothing to ensure you make it wrinkle-free through every appointment.  

Let´s Party

Uncomplicated and carefree. Don’t worry about it. Not about life. And not about your outfit. Jeans or chinos? Patent shoe or sneaker? In any case, the white shirt is a smart choice. It fits. Whether tucked into your pants or over the waistband, the Soft Luxury Shirts is also kind of indifferent.

Ready for the stage

It is the centre of attention, all eyes are on it. Moments that instil stage fright. But the staging is just right, and the artist is the centre of attention. Conspicuously inconspicuous, the white shirt underlines perfection. Moments to shine. 

All white

A wedding is a roller coaster of emotions. Unforgettable moments for eternity are ahead. Everything just has to be perfect. Not only in the decisive yes moment. Good to know the white shirt at your side.  

Great feelings

Butterflies in your stomach, tingling in your fingertips. A thousand thoughts swimming around in your head. What is wrong? What is right? Good style is also important when it comes to the first date. With a white shirt, you can’t go wrong. A small moment that can change a life. If it doesn’t work, the shirt certainly isn’t to blame.

Quiet moments

There are moments when fashion takes a back seat. These are the moments that no one wants to experience but has to nevertheless. Respectful, unobtrusive, and appropriate, the white shirt stands by its wearer. 

Always timeless, always modern. The white shirt and the white blouse are the most unfailing and versatile garments. ETERNA helped shape the history of the iconic white piece like probably no other company. For 160 years, ETERNA has been producing shirts and blouses that never go out of fashion – with craftsmanship and a sense of style. ETERNA celebrates a tribute to a timeless garment with a journey through moments where the white classic cannot be missed. The white shirt – a canvas for milestones in life.