Your First Shirt

Start something great

For special moments

Prom, first date or job interview: in moments that can change your life, you need a shirt that gives you style and confidence.

Be smart and trust 160 years' experience. ETERNA accompanies you through your life. No matter what.

Three shirts for the perfect basic outfit:

A shirt that's always on the safe side for important appointments:

The COVER SHIRT is a classic shirt made from opaque fabric and always leaves a flawless impression. Even if you have no idea about shirts or what outfit you are expected to wear at an appointment – you can't go wrong with the COVER SHIRT.

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A shirt for special occasions:

Our GENTLE SHIRT is made from especially fine two-ply twill. When you see and feel the fabric, you know that this is a special shirt. Still classic and suitable for any dress code, but of select quality with a slight sheen. The advantage for you: this luxury shirt is available at a business price.

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A shirt that reliably accompanies you through all situations in life:

The PERFORMANCE SHIRT is the shirt that gives you the flexibility you need around the clock combined with a fashionable look. Its stretch fabric is also lightweight, breathable and absorbent and has a cooling effect. With this shirt, you can go from the office straight to the club.


Your First Shirt
Your perfect shirt

So that your first shirt fits perfectly

In our brand stores and retailer, our fashion consultants will be happy to help you find the right size. If you're ordering your first shirt online, get a tape measure and take your measurements first. You can find out how to measure correctly here:

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Our tools, such as the SHIRT ADVISOR or our SIZE GUIDE, will help you make the right choice.

Stylish with tie & co. 

With a chic shirt, you are well equipped for most occasions. It's no longer essential to wear a tie with it. At parties and in the business world, you can still make a fashionable and stylish statement with ties.

Here's what you need to bear in mind about ties:

  • Whether you choose a wide or narrow tie is a matter of taste.

  • If you want to be flexible with your choice of tie and tie knot, it's best to go for a shirt with a Kent collar.

  • The shark collar looks young and smart. It should be combined with a large tie knot.

  • Bow tie instead of a long tie – why not? By the way, a shirt with a wing collar is never combined with a tie, but only with a bow tie.

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