S H I R T  A D V I S E U R

Collar shapes

The collar shape is not a decision criterion for many men and yet this detail influences the overall appearance. Find the right collar shape for every occasion at ETERNA.

T H E   A L L R O U N D E R

Kent Collar

The classic and all-rounder among collar styles.
Looks good with or without a tie.

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T H E   F A S H I O N A B L E 

Shark Collar

Typical for the shark collar with its fashionable character is the wide spread shape.

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"Only the right collar shape
makes your outfit complete."

Choosing the right collar shape depends on your personal style, your preferences and the occasion for which you want to wear an ETERNA shirt. Here are some points to help you decide:

Occasion: What occasion do you want to wear the shirt for? If it is for festive occasions such as weddings and you are wearing a bow tie, then choose the flapped collar. For business meetings the classic Kent collar is suitable and for casual wear it may be a button-down or stand-up collar.

Style: Which style do you prefer? Do you like classic and timeless looks, then choose a Kent collar or do you tend more towards modern and eye-catching styles, then the shark collar is also suitable.

Tie or no tie: Do you like to wear ties? Some collar styles harmonise better with a tie, while others are more suited to a more open collar style.

Face shape: Also consider your own face shape. Some collar shapes can accentuate the face in a flattering way, while others may look less advantageous.

T H E  C A S U A L

Button-Down Collar

Casual shape with two small buttons that hold the collar points in place.

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T H E   T R E N D S E T T E R

Stand-up Collar

The small turned-up collar is very modern. It is always worn without a tie.

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