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Sleeve lengths

Shirts with sleeve length normal 65 cm

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Shirts with sleeve length normal Slim Fit 67 cm

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T I P 

How long should be the sleeve?

Neither too long nor too short - the cuff of the shirt must cover the wrists even when the elbows are bent and ideally extends slightly beyond the base of the thumb.
The average sleeve length of shirts ranges between 63 and 67 cm.

Shirts with sleeve length shortened 59 cm

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Shirts with sleeve length extra long 68 cm

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Shirts with sleeve length super long 72 cm

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Shirts with Sleeve Length Super Long Slim Fit 70 cm

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Measure sleeve length correctly

1. Measure the sleeve length standing up.

2. Take the length of the bent arm from the shoulder bone to the desired end of the cuff.

3. Place the tape measure on the outside of the arm (elbow point).

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