The people

behind the brand

ETERNA is celebrating this year its 160th birthday

Throughout 2023 we will be telling stories about a company that has shaped the market like no other.

For the month of June, we're focusing on people - the people behind the brand as well as the people who like to wear ETERNA. Because - what would ETERNA be without people?

The people behind the brand

In Passau, Germany and all over the world, people involved in the development and production of our shirts and blouses contribute and play their part in the success of the big picture. They're all different characters with different skills and personalities, but all have one goal in mind: to create masterful shirts and blouses. 

Get to know our colleagues!

Why do you like working at ETERNA?

“I really enjoy working at ETERNA because we are a strong Team. Everyone pulls together, and we understand each other blindly. 

We share a passion for making the best possible shirts”.

Irmgard Leiter, Head of Design Menswear

“From the beginning, the brand has excited me with its 160-year history and its incredible power. That’s why I’m happy to be working for a medium-sized company like ETERNA”.

Henning Gerbaulet, Managing Director

“I simply enjoy working with people, working directly with the product. As a native of Vienna, it makes me incredibly proud to be able to work for a 160-year-old company that was founded in my own home town”.

Daniel Steininger, Area Manager Austria

“I am proud to work at ETERNA. The working hours allow me to care for my two children. 
I really enjoy working here.”

Florentina Malloth, Returns

„I enjoy the challenge of maintaining ETERNA´s long standing reputation as the leading shirt brand in the UK and Irish markets. ETERNA constantly innovates and meets the competitive challenges head on and provides me with the opportunity to maximise the distribution in the Ireland markets.”

Bill McCotter, Regional Manager Ireland

“I really enjoy working at and with ETERNA because I have the opportunity to create instead of just manage. Everyone has the opportunity to influence not only the ongoing business but also the strategy and direction of the company.You’re always taken seriously.“ 

Maximilian Engel, Head of Sales International

“The high-quality shirts and blouses are timelessly modern, made from wonderful materials and are a real specialty. I am proud to represent ETERNA on the Hungarian market, a brand with a 160-year history.”

Zsuzsanna Gárdos, Regional Manager Hungary

From your perspective, what distinguishes ETERNA from other companies?

“Everyone at ETERNA is valued. Even as a young designer, I can fully contribute and work at eye level”.

Maria Welter, Assistant of Design Meanwear

“The 160-year-old wealth of experience is strongly anchored at ETERNA. This is particularly noticeable in the products and the expertise. Nevertheless, ETERNA never stands still and is continually evolving. This is truly a great asset”.

Johannes Nagl, Marketing 

“What makes ETERNA special is, of course, the people but most of all the love that people have for the products. I think that’s something that has set us apart in our 160 years as a product specialist”.

Henning Gerbaulet, Managing Director


“ETERNA differs from other companies in that you see a lot of all the processes and departments here. As a trainee here, you go through virtually all the departments and are also allowed to get a lot of work experience".

Sabine Schlecht, Trainee

“The people who work for ETERNA as well as their passion, ambition, and vision make the company and the products special”.

Daniel Steininger, Area Manager Austria

“If you have a concern or you want to talk about anything, people really take the time. The human element makes an enormous difference”.

Michele Hecht, Warehouse Logistics

What is your best memory/story since you have been working at ETERNA?

„My best memory since I started working with ETERNA was the innovation and launch of the non-iron shirt. It was such a technological advance that set ETERNA apart from it's competitors and gave ETERNA a competitive advantage in the market place in Ireland.”

Bill McCotter, Regional Manager Ireland 

“The best stories are experienced with colleagues in house or on trips with our customers, our commercial agencies. To tell just one story would almost be a bit unfair – everything is quite exciting, I enjoy the work a lot. We work together as a team, and that’s what makes it work”.

Elisabeth Wagner, International Sales Manager

“Even before I officially started at ETERNA, I was at the Munich Oktoberfest together with some employees from sales and management. Immediately, I felt the cohesion and the good atmosphere between the colleagues. I felt welcome right away!”

Daniel Steininger, Area Manager Austria

“Seeing our blouses evolve over time and working together on this and all that we’ve accomplished. Being a part of it all is something I find truly beautiful”.

Kerstin Anderson, Key Account Managerin

“A great event last year was the joint excursion to the Kampenwand, a mountain hike, as a conclusion to a successful project phase.There have been several such events over the years. But I remember the particular one quite fondly”.

Henning Gerbaulet, Managing Director

“It’s the moments of belonging to the team and appreciating your own work. I’m happy every time I see my product photos on the website or on social media”.

Christina Haidinger, Working Student in Marketing

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What do you wish ETERNA for its 160th birthday?

“There are always ups and downs. In order to overcome the lows, cohesion and loyalty are essential. At ETERNA, we all pull together. I hope that this will continue to be the case for ETERNA”.

Philipp Winter, Human Resources

“I would like to see us continue to develop as a team and as a brand”.

Manuela Traxinger, Team Leader of Returns

„I wish ETERNA continued success in all markets and especially the UK/Ireland market and to continue to lead through innovative practices and product.”

Bill McCotter, Regional Manager Ireland

“In addition to other anniversaries, I hope that times will become a bit more normal again, that the crises will pass, and that we will once again have more reasonable framework conditions so that we can continue to work on ETERNA’s success”.

Henning Gerbaulet, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

“ETERNA stands for masterful quality that will continue to be appreciated for the next 160 years. ETERNA will remain a name for timeless modernity”.

Marianne Wallner, Technology Menswear

“I wish ETERNA and all colleagues continued success and hope that we will successfully master all challenges we are faced with. Here’s to strong collaboration!”

Daniel Steininger, Area Manager Austria

"160 years is an extraordinary achievement! In Hungary we have been distributing ETERNA for 15 years, so we are celebrating a double anniversary. I wish ETERNA another 160 successful years - Here's to a successful partnership in Hungary!"

Zsuzsanna Gárdos, Regional Manager Hungary

“160 years of ETERNA – that’s quite something. 
I’m proud to be a part of it”.

Ilse Wagner, Sewing department

What would ETERNA be without its customers?

We say thank you and let our customers speak for themselves..

They appreciate ETERNA, our shirts and blouses as well as the quality and know-how that goes into our textiles: they're our customers.

ETERNA says THANK YOU to all those who have been loyal to us for years as well as to those who have recently discovered our shirts and blouses.

Why do you like buying shirts/blouses from ETERNA?

"It's a nice memory of my childhood and youth; my aunt used to give me shirts from ETERNA 50 years ago. Since then, I have been a loyal customer of ETERNA and buy from them regularly."

Hans Fäth

"I like to shop at ETERNA because the quality is very good and because it's very easy to care for and because I just like it."

Bianka Vetter

"My brother was already wearing ETERNA shirts at 15. I put on his shirts and really liked them and have stayed with the brand ever since."

Daniel Henzel

What makes ETERNA shirts and blouses special for you, our customers?

"As a housewife, I love ETERNA shirts because they're really easy to iron, so that's a really big plus for me."

Rosa Riesinger

"The longevity of the shirts is really noteworthy. I wash the shirts regularly and I've had the same shirts for many years and they continue to be great, which is also very sustainable."

Tobias Ritzer

"Shirts and blouses from ETERNA are easy to wear, easy to care for, understated, timeless and yet always have that certain special something. They're easy to pair; they go with anything."

Sabine Arnold

What do you wish ETERNA for its 160th birthday?

"ETERNA makes beautiful things, so please continue to do so."

Werner Meyer

"For the company itself, I wish all the best in these somewhat bumpy times and - only the very best."

Peter Engel

"I wish ETERNA to continue to offer such good quality and advice in the future - especially if you need a bit bigger size."

Donovan Wüst

"I'm happy that our region has such a wonderful company - and that it will stay here for another 160 years."

Rosa Riesinger

Is there perhaps also something you would like to see from ETERNA?

"I'm happy as a clam - ETERNA is always great and you can always find something."

Sabine Arnold

"I haven't known ETERNA that long, so I don't know what it's been like for the last 160 years; I just know what it's like today and that's great and that's how I want it to stay."

Leornardo Zamorano

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