Measure correctly

Nobody likes to wear clothes that don't fit well. To ensure that the shirt fits perfectly, it is important to pay attention to the fit and the right size.

How to measure correctly

1 - Neck width

Place the measuring tape around the neck, just below the larynx. The index finger should be included between the neck and the tape measure so that the collar fits comfortably and does not cut in.

2 - Bust measurement

A man's upper body circumference is often referred to as his torso size. This is measured under the armpits, at the strongest point, across the chest.

3 - Waist size

It is measured across the waist at the narrowest point, from the left to the right side seam.

4 - Torso length

Also called shirt length. Measure from the base of the collar to the end of the buttocks.

5 - Sleeve length

Measure standing up, with the arm slightly bent - along the outside from the end of the shoulder bone, over the elbow to the base of the thumb.

6 - Shoulder width

Measure one shoulder, from the base of the collar to the shoulder seam.

7 - Wrist length

Measure the circumference of your wrist.

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