We all want to be even

We all want to be even – that is the basic idea behind the new line from

ETERNA. And the name speaks volumes: to be in balance with nature, with oneself, 

with one's fellow human beings. The aim is to create modern looks that reflect the sustainability 

philosophy typical of ETERNA's typical sustainability philosophy in an innovative way.

The focus is on authentic design that places particular emphasis on modernity, but also sustainability. Durable materials, high quality standards and transparent production are becoming increasingly important in fashion and form an important antithesis to the throwaway society. 
Washed poplin and oxford blouses made of cotton-Lyocell are the basis of the collection. What is special here is that these are fabrics that use Refibra™ technology. Sustainable wood pulp is combined with upcycled cotton to create lyocell fibres, which are produced in a closed-loop system and then processed into fabrics.