R E A D Y   T O   W E A R

We deliver your
shirts and blouses
washed and ironed.

An exclusive service from ETERNA.

Save yourself the unpinning, the unpacking, the washing!
No more annoying unpacking! No packaging waste and no needles!
Put them on immediately - feel good right away.

Our Ready to wear Service – all #naturally

Did you know that all the materials we take out for you when unpacking and unpinning are reused?
Sustainability at ETERNA starts with the little things - with a big impact.

More choice, more service for you!

It's that simple:

1]  Select one or more shirts and blouses and place them in the shopping cart.

2]  The Ready to wear Service can be selected in the shopping cart.
You can choose between these options:

Unpinning Service (shirt only)

All shirts in the order will be unzipped and de-needled.

Washing service (shirt and blouse)

The entire order will be additionally washed and ironed.


Freshly wrapped in tissue paper, we deliver your order to you after unpacking and washing.

This may extend the delivery time by up to four working days.

Your ETERNA shirt, your ETERNA blouse sustainably "Ready to wear"

Wear it immediately. Feel good immediately. Always perfectly dressed.

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Good to know:

  • With the ETERNA Ready to wear Service you can choose between two options:
    - Unpinning service for shirts only with an extra charge of €4 (for the entire order)
    - Washing service for shirts and blouses with an extra charge of 7 € (for the entire order)

    In the shopping cart, after selecting the desired option, all items for which the service is possible will be marked.

  • You will receive your wardrobe-ready shirts or blouses delivered to your home. The delivery time may be extended by up to four working days.

  • Any accessories (without ready-to-wear service) that are also ordered will be processed in one order, and you will receive the entire package in one delivery. If you need individual items more quickly, place a separate order.