The right shirt shape for you

To find a shirt that looks and feels perfect, the first thing to do is to decide on the right fit.
ETERNA offers four fits, which we present here for you.

V E R Y   S L E N D E R   F I T 


Super Slim

Figure-hugging cut for toned body contours. Extra slender from shoulder to waist.

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F L A T T E R I N G   C U T 


Slim Fit

These shirts are cut to show off the figure, making them ideal for slimmer wearers.

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A   F A S H I O N A B L E   T A I L O R E D   C U T 


Modern Fit

For gents who want to add a fashionable twist to the classic look.

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S O F T 


Comfort Fit

If you like to look smart without feeling too restricted, this cut is for you.

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How to measure correctly

1 | Neck width

To determine the correct neck width/collar size, place a measuring tape around the neck, just below the larynx, at the point where the collar of the shirt is to sit later. When measuring, the index finger should be included between the neck and the measuring tape so that the collar fits comfortably and does not cut in.

2 | Bust measurement

The circumference of the upper part of the body is called the bust size for women and often the torso size for men. This is measured at chest level at the strongest point (usually at the level of the nipples) around the entire upper body.

3 | Waist size

To determine the waist size, measure at waist height at the narrowest point.

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