Blouses that belong in any closet

Dress in style and look good no matter where or when.

ETERNA Masterpieces

You want the right clothes for any occasion and still be able to let your personal taste shine through - this is the right place for you!

We have put together an essential selection of blouses just for you..

Signature Shirt

Fine, lightweight and straight. For clean, sophisticated looks and a chic understatement.

Cover Shirt

Opaque, high quality and easy to iron. For classic and timeless looks. Always elegant. Invariably stylish.

Performance Shirt

Maximum freedom of movement, flexible around the clock. Super stretch fabric in a business look.

Satin Shirt

Smooth with a fine sheen. The elegant must-have for feminine business looks and stylish occasions.

Jersey Shirt

Supple jersey is guaranteed to make you feel good. 100% of the softest cotton for stylish and comfortable looks.

Soft Luxury Shirt

Soft feel, relaxed look and maximum comfort make the difference. The relaxed Smart Casual blouse with a touch of luxury.

Viscose Shirt

Lightweight, flowing and flattering. The all-rounder for feminine styles anywhere from casual to elegant.

The ETERNA Masterpieces

ETERNA Masterpieces

Nothing extraordinary. But exceptionally good.

Oxford Shirt

Sporty, comfortable and natural. For uncomplicated, versatile styling and casual chic looks.

Linen Shirt

Linen and cotton. Natural and sustainable. For a lightweight feel in a casual, summer look.