T H E   F I N I S H I N G   T O U C H E S 

Tie or bow tie

A tie oder Fliege gives your outfit the finishing touch it needs.
We show you how to tie a secure tie knot or your bow tie correctly.

The tie remains important

Especially because looks are moving more and more in the direction of "casual", ties make a strong statement. They radiate seriousness and a sense of style.

Coordinate your tie with the rest of your outfit.
You can choose from:

  • Colour
  • Pattern/Design
  • and your preferred shape (e.g. narrow ties with slim fit styles).

Four-in-Hand –

The quick one:

It is considered the standard knot. Often also called a simple knot. Fits all ties, shirt collars and styles.

This is how to tie a knot:

1 | Put up shirt collar

2 | Place wide over narrow end

3 | Wrap under narrow end of tie

4 | Pull wide end up to neck and lay to the left

5 | Pull through loop created

6 | Push up to shirt collar

The tie fits properly when its tip ends at the level of the belt or waistband after tying.

For the special moment: The matching bow tie

The bow tie for your gala shirt

There is no more festive combination, especially for occasions such as operas, balls or weddings, than a bow tie with a shirt.

A man with style will not want to do without a self-tied bow tie - even if there are alternatives.

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How to tie a bow tie yourself:

1 | Place the fly around the neck

2 | Fold one side over the other side

3 | Pull the folded over end through towards the neck

4 - 7 | Bring the other end in front of the neck and flick through the other side

8 | Now wrap the loose side once completely around