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The twill weave, also called twill, is one of the three basic weaves. The visible diagonal on the fabric, the twill line, is characteristic. Depending on the fabric construction, this can sometimes be clearly and strongly accentuated or only faintly visible. Because of this, twill fabrics can range from smooth, soft to voluminous to rigid.

Shine: ••• shiny  |  Weight: ••• heavy |  Season: All Season

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Popeline is the term for shirting fabrics made from plain weave. This weave is the simplest and oldest of the three basic weaves. Each thread is tied tightly together, making poplin hard-wearing, durable and at the same time smooth and supple.

Shine: • matt   |  Weight: ••• heavy |  Season: All Season

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Oxford is a fabric name for colourfully woven, strong cotton fabric in Panama weave, a variation of plain weave. As the name suggests, this type of shirting fabric originates from the British university town. Oxford is ideal for sporty shirts and is often used in conjunction with button-down collars. Its typical distinguishing feature is the visually somewhat larger-looking weave, because double threads are always worked together. Oxford fabric is hard-wearing and soft, and also particularly breathable.

Shine: •• slightly shiny   |  weight: •• medium |  Season: All Season

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Jersey is a collective term for elastic fabrics of various qualities. Jersey can be knitted or warp-knitted, made of yarns, viscose, wool, cotton, silk or blends. Jersey fabric has a light ribbed pattern.

Shine: • matt   |  Weight: ••• heavy  |  Season: All Season

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Chambray is a canvas fabric made with white warp threads and coloured weft threads. This gives it a slightly pulled-off colourfulness. Bicolour Chambray consists of coloured (not white) warp threads with differently coloured weft threads. The resulting colour mixture appears richer and darker.

Shine: •• slightly shiny   |  Weight: ••• heavy |  Season: Winter

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Tencel™ (Lyocell)

Lyocell - also known under the brand name Tencel. The cellulose fibre, which is made from natural raw materials, has many fans, especially in summer. This is because lyocell regulates temperature and cools in the heat. Lyocell can also absorb a lot of moisture and is breathable. A material made from natural and renewable raw materials that offers a sustainable alternative to cotton.

Shine: •• slightly shiny  |  Weight: • light  |  Season: All Season


The term "Natté" comes from the French and means "braided". The cube-like appearance is achieved through the weave. The very plastic fabric has large pores and is therefore very permeable to air.

Shine: ••• shiny   |  Weight: • light  |  Season: Summer

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Piqué is a fabric name and at the same time a weave name for both woven and knitted fabrics. The weave gave the fabric its name. Piqué is used as knitted fabric for polo shirts. The surface has an agitated high-low structure, which is air-permeable and elastic.

Shine: • matt  |  Weight: • light  |  Season: All Season


Jacquard is the collective term for fabrics with mostly large-scale and complicated woven designs and refers to technical pattern-forming production. The term jacquard goes back to the French inventor J. M. Jacquard (1752-1834), who invented a control system for looms in which the individual warp threads can be raised and lowered at will during weaving with the help of punched card tapes. The fabric has good dimensional stability, is serviceable and versatile.

Shine: •• slightly shiny   |  Weight: •• medium  |  Season: All Season

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Herringbone is a variation of the twill weave. The name is derived from the visible diagonal structure, which is reminiscent of bone.

Shine: ••• shiny  |  Weight: •• medium  |  Season: All Season

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Warp lancé

Warp lancé is the term used for fabrics that have a punctually placed motif on the right side of the fabric in the longitudinal direction (warp direction), such as small dots or squares. Short floating threads are found on the left side of the fabric.

Shine: ••• shiny   |  Weight: •• medium  |  Season: All Season

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This is a variant of the plain weave. Fabric in Panama weave convinces with a cool, dry, firm handle. The fabric has a chequerboard or cube pattern created by the weave.

Shine: • matt  |  Weight: • light  |  Season: All Season

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Linen as a term refers to the natural fibre, the basic material, as well as the fabric made from it. The linen fabric is lint-free, hard-wearing, durable and not very susceptible to dirt. Linen can absorb a lot of moisture and release it into the air, so the fabric has a cooling effect and is therefore often used for summer clothing. However, the linen fibre only has a low elasticity and is therefore susceptible to creasing.

Shine: • matt  |  Weight: ••• heavy  |  Season: Summer

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Pinpoint is a fabric name for a variant of Oxford weave, a blend of plain weave and Panama weave with finer threads. The refined fabric structure has a solid color appearance due to a small-scale dot pattern. Pinpoint fabric is robust, hard-wearing and firm to the touch.

Shine: •• slightly shiny  |  weight: •• medium  |  Season: All Season

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Seersucker has a moving surface that looks deliberately crumpled or gathered. This look is achieved via a specific weave or finish. Seersucker is particularly suitable for summer clothing because its relief-like surface means that it does not lie fully against the body, thus keeping out heat and allowing air to circulate.

Shine: • matt  |  Weight: • light  |  Season: Summer

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Flannel fabrics are made of cotton that, after weaving, undergo a finishing step that roughens the fabric on one or both sides of the fabric. This results in a pleasantly soft handle, and flannel is also warming, light and cuddly.

Shine: • matt  |  Weight: ••• heavy  |  Season: Winter

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With its somewhat rustic appearance, corduroy is a trendy material in casual wear. The soft yet strong fabric with its characteristic ribbed structure is hard-wearing and warming. The basis for our corduroy fabric is cotton and lyocell, which is made from renewable and recycled fibres.

Shine: • matt  |  Weight: ••• heavy  |  Season: Winter

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Weight: • = light, •• = medium, ••• = heavy
Shine: • = matt, •• = slightly shiny, ••• = shiny
Season: All Season, Summer, Winter